06 October 2013

BrisBricks 2013 (Part 1)

On Saturday I headed across town for BrisBricks, a Lego exhibition put on by fans for fans. It's running all this long weekend.

I got to the Chandler Arena (the sports hall where the event is held) before 3pm, so I had 2 hours to wander, and geek out over Lego.

The sign at the front fence.

It was a good afternoon, once I eventually got there. A missed bus connection (I had to catch 4 buses to get there) put an hour's delay in the day, but that did give me time to wander Carindale shopping centre and pick up a bargain... more on that later.

Waiting at Carindale for a bus.

Arriving at Chandler, I paid my $10 entry fee and entered the hall. Displays were set up around the outside, and up the middle, on roped-off tables. The first thing that caught my eye was a scale replica of the Byron Bay lighthouse.

For comparison, check out pictures of the real lighthouse.

I'm heading out the door. This is a teaser... much more pictures to come!

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