01 November 2013

Lego Storage, part 2

Continuing on from Tuesday's post, here's the next stage in the process, with all four units arranged in a rectangle, with a desk top as a building surface.

Lego sorting/building table. Library in background.

Want to make one yourself? Here's what you'll need.

4 x Trofast storage units 46x30x94cm, ($69 each)
1 x Vika Amon desk top, 100cm x 60cm (replaced now by Linnmon, same size, $19.99)
Various Trofast storage buckets ($4 for the shallow buckets, $5 for medium)

So total price (in Aussie dollars) for making one of these frames yourself would be $295.99. You'd be looking at roughly another $80 to $90 on top of that for the buckets, depending on your chosen configuration (they also come in a deeper size for $9).

Not factored into cost: any screws you'll need for joining the components together. You may have these lying around your shed or garage already.

Price saving tip: The buckets are the only pieces I bought new. The frames were damaged stock, and the table top was also dented and scratched. The marks you can see in the picture below are where the paint's been scratched off. So there's money to be saved by buying damaged or ex-display stock. And every dollar you save is another dollar for more Lego instead, right?

Full disclosure: I work at IKEA, so I got staff discount as well.

Not quite finished...

As you can see above, I still haven't got all the spaces filled with buckets, so I've got a couple options. I will probably continue so both sides are the same, with four shallow and one medium bucket in each unit.

The next and final stage will be joining the units together. The desk top is a hollow board-on-frame piece, but has solid sections in each corner where legs are meant to attach. This will enable me to join it to the storage units via a little dowel and screw customising.

You're never too old for Lego.

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