13 February 2013

Top 10 (Movie) Musicals

I finally got around to seeing "Les Misérables" at the cinema on my Monday off.

For one reason or another, these are the musicals that I have enjoyed the most.

I should point out that for as is the case for every one of my top 10 lists of movies, they are movies I've seen. There are probably awesome musicals out there that I haven't seen (yet), but they won't appear on my lists just by virtue of being critically acclaimed, or Oscar-winning.

This list features:
  • 3 movies that are original film musicals
  • 4 movies adapted from stage musicals
  • 3 movies with plots arranged around a selection of previously written songs
  • 2 movies featuring both Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen

So without further ado...

09 February 2013

Alex Cross

This afternoon's viewing was the thriller-that-wanted-to-be-an-action-movie "Alex Cross", based (according to the end credits) on the novel "Cross" by James Patterson.

The character of Alex Cross, featuring in a series of twenty Patterson novels to date, has been seen onscreen before in the films "Kiss The Girls" and its sequel "Along Came A Spider". (Although in book form they are in reverse order.) The detective with a psychology degree who does profiling work as a consultant for the FBI was played then by the great Morgan Freeman. Personally, I think Morgan Freeman was slightly old for the role, but his performance as Cross is miles beyond Tyler Perry's. I'd still like to see a Denzel version.

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