13 September 2013

Happy Camper

I am a happy camper.

I made my first online purchase from Lego.com this month. Which also came with a free gift - a mini Kombi van.

Another happy camper...

If you look at their Shipping & Handling information page for Australian customers, you'll see the following information:

  • Items in stock ship the next business day.
  • All items ship from Europe.
  • Delivery is within 13 business days.

I placed the order on Wednesday the 4th, and on Thursday got an email telling me that the order had been shipped.

On Wednesday the 11th my parcel was in Sydney. Delivery was attempted today while I was at work, and the parcel is now at my local post office, waiting for me to come collect it. Sadly this will have to wait until Monday... but it's here!

Including the day of shipping, that's still only 7 business days from Denmark to Australia! I'm impressed.

It's here!

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