02 April 2013

Easterfest 2013: Day 2 - Demon Hunter

Friday, 29 March

Yes, this gets its own blog post.

I've been a Demon Hunter fan for at least 10 years, so I wasn't going to miss a chance to be front-row at their Easterfest gig. This was their first visit to Australia, and they did an incredible (considering travel time) four shows (Sydney, Toowoomba, Melbourne, Adelaide) in four nights before jetting back to the US. At the end of this month they're also playing South America for the first time.

And now, pictures! Lots of pictures. There's a bit of haze and pixelly stuff going on, because my camera's not that great in dark venues, but I was really close, which helped.

If you can read Anglo-Saxon runes (like me), you can read "DEMON HUNTER" down Jeremiah's guitar strap.

Someone To Hate
The World Is A Thorn
God Forsaken
The Soldier's Song
My Destiny
I Play Dead
We Don't Care
Just Breathe

Storm The Gates Of Hell

After the set, as most of the crowd left, Ryan Clark hung out by the security fence to take pictures with fans, which was very cool. Not only am I a big DH fan, I'm also a fan of Invisible Creature, his other job. Music packaging (check out Wolfmother's "Cosmic Egg")  is just one of many cool things they do.

Me and Ryan Clark after the show.
To finish this post, I'll put the chorus to one of my favourite Demon Hunter songs off the latest album, "Crucifix". Fitting for Good Friday, I was kind of hoping they'd play it. There's always next time...

Every curse, lie, violation of our lives
Every careless error of breath, corruption of our minds
All the blood and the shame, defamation of name
The weight of a wicked world 
Embodied on a thankless crucifix
Embodied on a blood-soaked crucifix

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