30 June 2013

Sixth Anniversary, Monsters University, Man Of Steel

Saturday was our sixth wedding anniversary.

Six years ago, dancing to The Whitlams' "Make The World Safe" at our reception.
Saturday night anniversary dinner at the Hyperdome.
We hadn't got each other any gifts yet, so I looked up a list of traditional gifts for each anniversary year. After finding iron, sugar and wood listed as the appropriate gifts for a sixth anniversary, I had a little idea which I let Kara in on yesterday.

28 June 2013

My new guitar is here!

Working overtime last fortnight paid off this payday, as I was able to go in to my local music store and pay off the balance of the lay-by on my new guitar.

The new guitar!

It's a Takamine EG363SC, and was part of the store's 50% off Factory Seconds sale. The staff told me most of them had minor blemishes in the finish, but I really can't find anything wrong with it. It's my first guitar with a solid wood top, and it sounds great.

I would love to do some recording straight away, but that's probably going to have to wait till mid-next-week at the earliest. I've got this coming weekend off, but tomorrow is our sixth wedding anniversary. We have a day out at the movies planned, with "Monsters University" and "Man Of Steel" on the short list. "World War Z" is perhaps not a date movie...

18 June 2013

Broncos vs Tigers

Both of us have been having a bit of cold/flu issues this week, so Kara stayed home from tonight's game. We sent out free ticket offers to friends via text, Twitter and Facebook, but there were no takers. So I went in to the game on my own, layered against the cold. T-shirt under my jersey, fleece-lined jeans, and a beanie.

Beanie on my head, metal on my headphones.

16 June 2013

Ticket To Ride

Board game of choice in this household recently has been "Ticket To Ride". We've had it for years (a birthday or Christmas gift from someone, I'm sure) but only got around to playing it recently - after watching the Tabletop episode. It's really quick and easy to learn - just watching Mr & Mrs Wheaton and their friends in the YouTube episode was enough to teach me. And it's a whole lot of fun to play.

The Pacific hub of my cross-country railway.

Tonight was the first time it featured at my mate Dave's monthly Blokes & Board Games gathering. We usually play three or so different games at each get-together. Except for the "Redshirts" night. Two games were over fairly quickly - one in about five minutes, after only two players had taken a turn - so we decided to play "one more quick game". Which lasted four hours.

Anyway, back to TTR...

03 June 2013

Titans vs Cowboys

It's my weekend off, and I had the chance to see all three Queensland rugby league teams in the one round - so I took it.

We already have our season tickets for the Broncos tonight (vs NZ Warriors), so I bought a ticket to yesterday's game as well, with the Gold Coast Titans hosting the North Queensland Cowboys at home. Skilled Park at Robina is only a short (and free, with game ticket!) train ride south of here.

Sunday markets packing up across from Woodridge train station.

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