03 June 2013

Titans vs Cowboys

It's my weekend off, and I had the chance to see all three Queensland rugby league teams in the one round - so I took it.

We already have our season tickets for the Broncos tonight (vs NZ Warriors), so I bought a ticket to yesterday's game as well, with the Gold Coast Titans hosting the North Queensland Cowboys at home. Skilled Park at Robina is only a short (and free, with game ticket!) train ride south of here.

Sunday markets packing up across from Woodridge train station.

Waiting for a train.
Rain continuing...

It was still raining when I got off the train at Robina, and as it got heavier I had to make a dash for shelter at the stadium. Then it stopped raining in good time for kickoff. There was some light drizzle at the beginning of the second half, but the rain kept away.

Both teams were missing players, as they've been in camp preparing for this week's upcoming State of Origin opener on Wednesday night. The Cowboys were missing four for Origin (3 selected for Queensland, 1 for New South Wales) and two from injury, and the Titans were down three (2 QLD, 1 NSW). The Broncos will be missing four Origin players from their squad tonight.

It was a good game. The Titans scored first, getting two tries in the first ten minutes to lead 12-0. Albert Kelly (Titans) scored a ridiculously good try at the 75-minute mark, running most of the length of the field, chased by Cowboys players unable to stop him. The Cowboys made a comeback after that, scoring their third try in the 80th minute, but were unable to convert the kick after the final horn had blown. The final score, 31-12 to the Titans, means I'm 3/3 so far this week in footy tipping.

Panoramic view. Attendance was 12,790. (Capacity 27,400)

Players in action.
The Titans kick a field goal at the end of the first half.
Half-time score: Titans 19, Cowboys 4.
Dave Taylor is one big dude. Either as tackler or tackled, there were some loud thuds on field.
Unable to win, the Cowboys attempt another try to close the gap.
The Cowboys' final unsuccessful conversion kick, at the final horn. (The ball is over the top-right corner of the TV.)
Full time score: Titans 31, Cowboys 12.

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