07 October 2013

BrisBricks (Part 2)

More pictures from Saturday's afternoon out at the Lego fan expo.

Railway station and replica Danish railcar.
Theme park, part 1
Theme park, part 2. Each of the four grey baseplates had a motor and several gears, running all the rides on that plate.
Panoramic view trying to get the whole theme park in one shot.
I also have two videos of the theme park. The first video shows a few rides, the other follows the fast car-drop ride (the U-shaped track in the background above).

Two armies facing off. On this side: cavalry, several series of knights (lion shields and eagle shields), and wizards.
The second army. Skeletons (on matching horses), knights (dragon shields), ninjas, a Goblin King and a Rancor.
A large railway station and turntable.
A large collection of 80s Space Lego.
There were a lot of electric train setups. I just noticed the dinosaur fighting a bear in the corner.
The train did a loop through these tunnels under the ski slop display.
The impressive ski slopes, complete with chair lift and snowboard tube.
A few official Hobbit/LOTR Lego sets combined into a custom-built Middle Earth landscape.
More pictures and videos to come!

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