29 October 2013

Lego Storage

I have (sort of) new Lego storage!

Now that I'm on holidays from work for a couple weeks, I've got time to do a few things around the house that I have either had little time for, or been downright putting off. One of those things is clearing out the garage, and assembling some furniture that's been sitting around in boxes.

The "Effektiv" range of modular office cabinets have nice deep adjustable shelves, making them great for displaying Lego models and setting up action scenes. I picked a few up when they were discontinued, and being sold extremely cheap.

Minifig Rapper. So of course he's on a boat.
Firemen work to put out a forest fire.
There are even fires out on the water!
Lego forklift.

In addition to the office cabinets for displaying, I also put together some Trofast cabinets that I bought ages ago and have had set aside. Together with the accompanying plastic buckets, they're perfect for storing and sorting the Lego bricks in their unassembled state. These were also discounted, as they'd been damaged in the warehouse. Even though I didn't buy them for looks, I've managed to assemble them with all the dented corners at the back of the finished product.

The next step is to add a table top... that's for another day!

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