29 October 2013

Open mic night 25/10

Last Friday, after my last day of work before a couple weeks on holiday, I headed in to the city. I had put my name down to take part in the QMuSo (QUT Music Society) Open Mic Nigbt, something they put on at a uni bar once a month.

After finding the bar (not difficult, but it is over ten years since I was a student there), I put my guitar in the backstage store room and settled in to listen to the acts before me.

Board of artist times.

There were some timing issues. At some point after 6:30, the organisers were alerted to the fact that the venue was double booked. They needed to wrap up by 7:35. Which then caused a bit of a scramble. I was fine cutting my set down, so they were able to squeeze in about three acts after me.

So my intended 20-ish minutes of actual set time ended up being only seven, but it was good practice and a lot of fun playing to complete random strangers of varying levels of alcohol imbibery. In the end I performed two songs, "Second Thoughts" and "Holding On". (Links to home recordings of these songs are on my artist facebook page. I'm not telling you to "like" the page, but feel free to.) 

I will be back!

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