07 October 2013

2013 Grand Final

Today was the last day of the 2013 NRL season, with the Grand Final being played between two Sydney area teams, the Sydney Roosters and Manly Sea Eagles. To wrap up the season, and the footy tipping competition that he'd been running, Craig hosted a barbecue out at his place.

What's an Aussie gathering without a barbie?

It's been really hot in Brisbane lately, and there were two fires on the news. There was a fire at a plastics factory in Carole Park, and a bushfire in Redbank Plains, not far from Craig's place. As the daylight left, you could see the flames over the fence.


As seen from the jersey above, Craig (and quite a few of the others tonight) was supporting the "Chooks". I was nominally going for Manly, just for the hell of it, but with the Broncos out of the top 8 I wasn't really fussed who won. (For those outside Australia, the Roosters won.) Even my beer was non-partisan (from South Australia).

The stubbie cooler was part of our Broncos membership this year.
Footy on the big-screen TV.
After the game, Craig ran through some of the results of our footy tipping competition, and even had mini trophies for the people who had scored a perfect round. I was the first in the year, picking all eight winners of round 6.

My trophy! This is going straight to the pool room...
With everyone putting in $1 a round, there was enough money to pay for tonight's barbecue, and the mini trophies, as well as a larger engraved Winner's Trophy, in addition to covering cash prizes for the top three spots. Craig's wife Katrina took out first place, with his mother getting second.

Craig presenting the Winner's Trophy (and the winning cash prize!) to his wife Katrina.

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