08 October 2013

Dinner & Arj

Father's Day was back in September, but Kara decided that she'd take me to dinner and a show as a present. At the time, first choice was the Abridged Works of Shakespeare (3 comedy actors performing the key parts of all 37 plays in a couple hours), but work schedules got in the way. A little later, we found out that one of the stops on Arj Barker's next national standup tour would be at the Logan Entertainment Centre, just down the road from us. So Kara decided we'd have dinner at the RSL first, followed by comedy.

I went straight from work to the club... a nice cold beer to start the post-work afternoon.

The current Tuesday specials is 2-for-1 on selected dishes, including a 250g steak. Kara decided not to have one of the 2-for-1 specials, opting for Carbonara instead. (Apparently, a dish she'd never had.) Which left the steak for me... and a second steak dinner also for me.

I'd been running on coffee and water all day (nothing against our restaurant staff at work, but I just wasn't feeling it today), so two medium-rare steaks with chips and salad went down a treat. That and the nice RSL beer prices.

Half of the 1st steak, and all the 1st sides down, I condensed everything onto the 2nd plate.
A short walk from the club took us to the train station, where we caught the last bus straight to the front of the Entertainment Centre. It was our first time to the L.E.C., and it's a nice venue. The theatre wasn't huge, but that meant that our balcony seats had an awesome view of the stage.

Arj Barker is one of my favourite American comedians, and the live comedy experience was an enjoyable one. This was our second time being in the audience at a comedy show... the first time was a few years ago to see Stephen K Amos.

The other plus side of the venue being local? A cheap cab ride home!

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