07 October 2013

BrisBricks (Part 3)

My last post of pictures from BrisBricks 2013.

Doomben Racetrack in LEGO form. Note the corporate boxes in the stands. (And the unfortunate skeleton on the tracks.)

On the far right you can see the thin grey wheels which spooled the thread pulling each horse along the smooth race track. With the help of motors, the builder could run this race again and again, hundreds of times a day, for the enjoyment of visitors. Check out a video here.

A nearby KFC and a church.
Pizza hut in another part of town.
Two Tower Bridges side by side to create a giant railway bridge. With Ninjago warriors and dragon on top.
Another impressive mini town.
Railway platform with arched roof.
The train disappears into a tunnel. There are two bears facing off over the ravine in the middle.
Ghostbusters and a haunted house.
Doc Brown hangs over Town Hall as Bane and Batman face off below.
An 8,000 piece (L) and 16,000 piece, 9kg (R) Borg Cube, made mostly of Lego rails, hooks and bars.
This AFOL created a great series of WWII scenes out of Lego bricks.
A large model of the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.
Viking warriors and their wizards fighting a dragon in front of its cave.
A lot of time went into the waterfall creation - yes, those are all single stud clear blue bricks, stacked together.
Wizard shooting a fireball at the dragon.
The green dragon rains fire down onto the red dragons.

Another builder also made use of the Vikings range of Lego sets to create a fight scene, this time on the seas:

The sea serpent capsizes one ship as it attacks a second.
The same builder was showing off this still-in-progress large-scale Hogwarts.
On a custom timber and plywood frame, this display had an underground Chamber of Secrets and an underwater scene.
Work progressing well at the Gold Mine.
Giant motorised mining machine.
A combination of 90s Pirate & Fort sets and 2000s medieval buildings create a charming little pirate town.

That's all the pictures! I was so inspired, so hopefully there will be a few more posts with the "MOC" label on this blog in the next 12 months.

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