20 March 2013

Adelaide, Day 4 - Part 1

Tuesday, March 12

After the late night wrapping up WOMADelaide, I had another slight sleep in, followed by another trip to Woolies to get some food for the next couple days. This time, a dozen doughnuts were half price (for a carb/sugar hit), and I got some bananas as well. Somehow I misplaced my nice 1.5 litre water bottle the night before, so I got a 500ml iced coffee. After finishing the coffee, I rinsed the bottle out and continued using it as a water bottle for the rest of the week.

Pedestrian bridge over the River Torrens.

My plan for the day was to visit Adelaide Zoo, which had been recommended to me. I've been to quite a few zoos, and while not quite up there with Singapore, San Diego or Woodland Park, it's a very good zoo for its compact size. The paths and layout of the exhibits are placed in such a way that you don't feel like you're in a small(ish) inner city zoo - you still have to do quite a bit of walking in order to see everything.

Cool panels on the outside walls of the zoo.

The pathway leading from Frome Road to the Zoo entrance.

Last time we were at the Seattle Zoo, it was a cold and rainy day of "spot the animals sheltering". Tuesday was another 38 degrees Celcius day, so it was the opposite - hot and sunny, with many of the animals hiding or seeking shade. I still managed to see most of them.

The first animals seen - hippos - resting underwater.

American alligators.

Lunch time for snakes! The zoo breeds its own mice for snake feeding.
Australian Sea Lion.

At around noon, I stopped by the central lawn area for a bit of shade, refilling my water, and having a bite to eat. I noticed I was near one of the "Walkabout Tour" stops. There are signposts throughout the zoo where you can join daily free walking tours. The sign said this stop had tours starting at 12:30 and 3:30, so I stuck around and waited until half past twelve.

Arms sunburnt on Sunday, knees burnt on Monday from sitting cross-legged.

No tour guide showed up.

So I continued showing myself around the zoo.

Wallaby resting in the shade of long grass.

Two otters.
Not even the ring-tailed lemurs were sun worshipping today.
Pygmy marmosets from Brazil. Tiny monkeys!
Sleepy serval in the middle of the day.
Lions. With a huge enclosure to roam, they stuck to the shade by the fence.
Malayan tapir, seen from the high-level rainforest boardwalk.
Siamang on a swing.

I made my way back to the lion enclosure for their Tuesday feed. The day before had been a public holiday, so they'd had a feed on Monday as well. Tuesday's lunch was a bit smaller then - each lioness only got a small rack of ribs.

And now, video!

To Be Continued...

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