26 March 2013

Music Month continues...

Saturday, 16 March
Opeth @ The Tivoli

Opeth are a folk/metal band from Sweden. Their style encompasses acoustic guitar, haunting melodies, distorted guitars, and death growls.

The Tivoli is a great venue in inner Brisbane, and Opeth always sound amazing. This was my second time seeing them live, and from a sound perspective, it was brilliant. Everything was crystal clear, no matter how loud and heavy they got. The band is as tight as any I've seen, stopping long complicated instrumental passages seemingly on a dime. There was none of that additional strumming and cymbal hitting, leading into a big finish, that you see some bands do at the end of a song, to make it seem like a synchronised ending. Opeth were note-perfect.

Enough about the band... let's look at some photos!

I was fairly close to the stage when the set started with the acoustic "Devil's Orchard". When the heavier "Ghost of Perdition" started, the mosh pit started, and I ended up a lot closer to the stage after a bit of getting knocked around.

The full band taking their bows.
It was an awesome concert. I've already made a playlist of their setlist in iTunes.

Wednesday, 21 March
The Winter of Reason @ X & Y Bar

A guy I went to high school with, Geoff Dunkley, plays guitar (and percussion) in a group called The Winter of Reason. They were playing a gig in the Valley on Ann St, and I'm on holiday, so I took a bus into town. It had been sprinkling here all day, and when I got off the bus at the Cultural Centre, it was raining. I was out of money on my Go card, so the transfer-to-train option was out.

I had to run across the bridge in the rain, into town where I could find two things: an ATM (I'd just been paid), and a machine for topping up my card (which I eventually found at Central station). By then I was quite a way along Ann Street, so continued on until I reached the venue.

The bar.
The Winter of Reason.
The acoustics weren't all that great in the narrow, concrete-walled venue, but the music still sounded really good.

Saturday, 23 March
Mutemath @ The Hi-Fi

Here's one picture as a teaser. There'll be more in a future post about my friend Hiram and his weekend visit to Brisbane.

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