03 September 2012

Operation: Malcolm, part 1...

I'm a big believer in creating your own costumes, rather than renting. Partly because half the fun is in the chase, but mostly because this way you're guaranteed make sure everything fits.

Anyway, last week I did a bit of shopping to see if I could put together a Captain Malcolm Reynolds outfit. If you don't recognise the name, stop, and go watch Firefly now. All of it.

(Done? OK, I'll continue.)

I have no upcoming costume parties, birthday or otherwise, and I'm not planning on attending any cosplay/sci-fi convention events in the near future. This was just because I could. And because Firefly was just so gorram awesome.

For a little over $50 at Kmart and Big W, I got pants, braces, a belt, and boots. I couldn't find a decent shirt in the right shade of reddish-brown, so I went with an old maroon-ish business shirt I had in the wardrobe.

Leg up (on the bathtub) in a very Captain Mal pose, to show off the entire outfit.
More pictures below.

You talkin' to me?

New pants, tucked into new wellington boots. Not quite western-style cavalry pants and boots, but they'll do.

Old shirt, new braces.

New belt, slung to one side. Now I just need a replica pistol, and a long duster jacket.

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