21 March 2012

Hanna - The Chemical Brothers

I saw the film "Hanna" recently and two things struck me.

1. Visually, there are so many scenes (particularly chase sequences) that are beautifully framed, shot, and edited together. One of those movies you could really watch without any sound at all, and not really care.

Except for...

2. The soundtrack, provided by The Chemical Brothers. Think "Run Lola Run" Euro-techno meets 80s John Carpenter synths. Much of the opening (and closing) "Hanna's Theme" reminds me of more African rhythms, such as kora music from Mali. I'm not much of a techno person, I must admit, beyond its use in films like this and the aforementioned "Run Lola Run", where the music choice definitely adds to the urgency of the scenes. I listened to the soundtrack all the way to work today, and all the walk home as well.

I love a good score that works as an instrumental album in its own right, and this is one of them. Top marks.

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