25 November 2010

A New Blog

I haven't really journalled or blogged anything for 3 years. Since March 2007, to be exact. What's happened since then?

* Married my beautiful wife, June 2007
* Moved into our own place, November 2007
* Had a holiday in America, June 2008
* Got pregnant, mid-2008
* Lost a baby, November 2008
* Got pregnant again, October 2009
* Our son Evan Riley was born 18 June 2010
* Evan died, 22 June 2010 (It's a long story.)

That's 3.5 years in a nutshell...

And in between, I've been busy with work, but haven't really touched a pen, computer keyboard or guitar for any creative or writing pursuit. Which has bugged me.

I don't know what this blog will turn into. A place for mini-fiction experiments? Journalling about my life? Songwriting ideas? Or all of the above?

I just feel the need to write again.

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