31 December 2010

Christmas 2010 (Seattle) and Boxing Day (Minneapolis)

Christmas Eve 2010

In the afternoon, Chuck, Kyle, Ethan and myself went to the local cinema to see the Coen brothers' new film, "True Grit". It comes out in Australia on January 26. I recommend it. Not really a remake of the 1969 John Wayne western, so much as another adaptation of the same novel. And a nice job by "The Dude" Jeff Bridges.

Then it was off to church with the family for the 6:45 evening service. Lots of carols and a fairly short message - just my kind of Christmas Eve service.

The Gillette family tradition for Christmas Eve dinner is pizza. And it was good pizza.

Christmas morning 2010

Christmas morning we got a bit of a sleep in, and then after showers and dressing it was time for freshly-baked cinnamon rolls. Great with coffee on the side!

Erik came over (and brought his dog Bella), and then it was presents-opening time.

Bella sitting patiently on the towel.

The "used car lot" outside. L to R: Kyle (grey), Ethan (white), Kyle (black), Andrea (white), Erik (red), Vicki, Chuck. One more vehicle is out of view in front of the garage.

The sweater and cap I got from Erik.

Kara and I.
The table set for Christmas dinner.

This year's gifts (and givers):

A seahorse ornament (Kara)
A new Stephen Lawhead novel, "The Skin Map" (Kara)
$50 for F.Y.E. (Ethan)
Longsleeve Demon Hunter T-shirt (Kyle)
Fleece-lined jeans (Chuck)
Tan-coloured fleece jumper with "W" logo (Erik)
Camo cap (Erik)
Logic puzzles book (Kara)
$100 (Chuck and Vicki)
Longsleeve polo shirt (Gramma G)
Wallet (Kara)
Grey zip-up fleece (Kara)

Update: the $50 from Ethan was spent tonight on new albums by Third Day and Anberlin, as well as CDs from Apocalyptica, K'naan and Nightwish.
The money from my in-laws was spent on an Amazon order that is currently on its way to Australia: Seasons 5 & 6 of "The Office", "Inception", and "Toy Story 3" - all 65-75% off retail.

Airline tickets for our trips to California (Dec 1-6) and Minnesota (Dec 26-28) were also Christmas gifts from Kara's grandmothers. :)

Boxing Day we flew across to Minneapolis to visit Gramma Larson and Vicki's side of the family. That night after dinner we had a white elephant gift exchange, and we got more gifts at Gramma's apartment (in "the home") the next day.

$25 (Gramma L)
32-LED Flashlight (Gramma L)
Jigsaw puzzle (white elephant)
Coffee-themed teatowel/washer set (white elephant)
Various Chocolates/truffles (stocking)

We (Chuck, Vicki, Kara and I) stayed in a guest apartment at "The Home". (It's not really a nursing home, it's more like a large apartment building for older folks.) On the mezzanine floor they have guest apartments for visitors, and this is where we stayed.

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