15 January 2013

Viper Mark II

For my birthday last year my in-laws got me some Star Wars Lego... the X-wing. I put it together in December when my mother-in-law was here, and it's stayed intact till tonight.

I took it apart, intending to re-assemble it. For me, some of the fun of Lego comes from assembling the sets. Some of the fun comes from dismantling it completely, then building it all over again. My parents do jigsaw puzzles, I assemble Lego. The difference is, I can make my jigsaw pieces make more than just the one picture... which is where the other great fun thing about Lego comes in - my imagination's the limit.

So I decided to build something else instead - a Colonial Viper Mk II from "Battlestar Galactica".

The finished Viper. The aeroplane tail is the only non-X-wing piece I needed to use.
Another view.

Off to hunt down Cylons!

Some oblique BSG references going on in this picture.

Frakkin' toaster.

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