30 January 2013

Internet hassles

For the past couple days, images have been disappearing on me. Not my images, just certain images on websites. Random people's profile pictures on social media sites are replaced by "image missing" jpegs, and the same goes for random actor headshots or movie posters on imdb.

And then today the internet has decided to go a step further.

Apparently Firefox has been a bit problematic today while I was at work, and can't make up its mind whether to load fancy websites like Facebook or Hotmail.

I got home, tried Chrome, and had similar problems.

Looking up imdb while watching a movie, this is what I get onscreen.

Funnily enough, Google-owned sites like Google+, Blogger, and the Google search engine are all working perfectly. And for some reason, so is the IKEA website.

But not Amazon, for example...

This was my screen for several minutes...

Once Chrome decided to finally load the Amazon page, images and links were all over the place, as if someone out in internet-land decided that images and margins and things like that weren't all that necessary.

And this is what I see when I try to log in to Facebook.

Text-based HTML? The 90s called, they want their internet back.

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