05 January 2011

Last post from the US

I've been busy packing for most of last night and this morning. The Tetris-like fitting items into suitcases isn't the hard part. That's pretty easy.

The tricky part is that we have two large suitcases, two small suitcases, and a lot of new winter clothes to take home. So it's figuring out which heavy items are small enough to fit into the small suitcases, so that we can get as close to our baggage allowance as possible.

It's really close - the two small ones are currently weighing in at 40 and 48 pounds, while the two large are at 54 and 52 pounds. We're allowed two items of up to 50 pounds each. In the past, some airlines have disregarded a little extra weight if the 2nd bag is under-weight by the same or more. Hopefully they do so tonight!

We fly out at 7:40 or so from Seattle, and get into Brisbane at 10:35 Thursday. That's almost 21 hours, not counting travel to the airport here, or home from the airport once we get back. Such is the joy of Trans-Pacific travel.

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