21 July 2014

SF minifigs

What happens when you're both a Lego fan and a science fiction fan? Well, it doesn't take long before you start creating minifigures and scenes to recreate some of your favourite sci-fi movies and shows.

These are all what I've seen referred to as "purist" in that all parts are official Lego parts from sets. If you look around the internet for "custom" minifigures, you'll find a lot of people doing this, but you'll also find a lot of custom printing, custom decals, and things like that. None of that here! All I've done is mixed and matched existing parts to create my own versions of these sci-fi characters.

The first one I did, from some months ago, was from AMC's The Walking Dead. The faces of the "Army of the Dead" figures (from the Lord of the Rings Pirate Ship Ambush set) really lent themselves to being zombies in an urban setting.

Lego townsfolk bodies + LOTR "Army of the Dead" heads = Walkers, hungry for braaaaains.

For Rick, Carl and Daryl, I started with a Monster Fighter, a Forest Police, and a LOTR hobbit minifig, and then mixed and matched hairpieces, hats and weapons from other sources.
L to R: Daryl, Rick, and Carl, ready to fight off the undead.

Next up was HBO's Game Of Thrones. The following picture contains way less violence or nudity than the show. But it does come with baby dragons. Daenerys was easy - blonde hairpiece on a "Warrior Woman" minifigure. The "Barbarian Warrior" needed a face-swap and some longer hair before becoming an acceptable Khal Drogo.

"I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, and I AM THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS!"

A couple nights ago I watched one of my all-time favourites, Predator, introducing it to my wife in the process. I'd already had ideas for how to make a Predator minifig, and today I got my first ever Lego Chima sets, which allowed me to make my idea reality.

It's pretty simple - a crocodile body, a scorpion head. I love the combination.

Get to the chopper!

I also got some gorillas... which were perfect straight out of the pack. Horse and spear added by me, of course.

Apes on horseback? What strange planet is this?
Taylor is the same Barbarian Warrior body I used for Khal Drogo, but I thought the Highland Warrior's stubbly expressive face matched the "Dammit all to hell!" for the Planet of the Apes scene.

"You maniacs! You blew it up!"
And then, the spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the film...

That strange broken statue half-buried in the beach is rather familiar...
The Statue of Liberty minifigure (one of the Collectible series) was easily converted to the ruined one from the movie. No flame, no skirt, and I popped one arm out.

Last week, in her complete form, she played the part of a "living statue" busking on my beach town's boardwalk. Some of those pictures will be up on the blog next post!

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